Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wikileaks State Dept release on foreign corruption imminent

As of Saturday night, Nov. 27, the newest Wikileaks release of masses of documents, passing through the State Department, relating to corruption in foreign governments (and US negotiating positions) had not appeared – although a link to download BitTorrent software and access other Wikileaks material through P2P (maybe a dangerous option for some home users) is now present. (Your ISP might watch how much of this you do.)

Reuters released a major story Wednesday Nov. 24, with link here.
Julian Assange has also made new documents available to newspapers in Spain and France.

A friend who works in a sensitive area said that bloggers should not give links to leaked data, that they might be party to compromising the security of innocent civilians in other countries (like Afghanistan now). However, “the cat’s out of the bag” and probably raiding a lot of birds’ nests.

Here is a Democracy Now YouTube video of Assange talking about last summer’s leak on Afghanistan, with a violin solo in the background at the start.

Second picture: On 23rd St NW, between GWU and State Dept in Washington DC

Nov. 29Politics Daily has this snarky story, " about the leak, "Leaking of Secret U.S. Cables Sparks Diplomacy Crisis", here.

Wikileaks calls the affair "Cable Gate", so here I go: it's fair game now, and here's the link.

Richard Clark told CNN that without "trust" a government cannot conduct diplomacy, and that the leak has destroyed "trust" in the US.  Is that what happens in an era of blogging?

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