Thursday, November 4, 2010

EU will introduce a "right to be forgotten online"

The “Red Tape Chronicles” on MSNBC reports today that the European Commission for the European Union will push for a legal “right to be forgotten” online, an idea proposed on some recent books such as Mayer-Schonberger’s “Delete” (Book review blog, May 13, 2010). Apparently most of the concern has to do with keeping logon information and tracking visitors for advertising. It’s unclear whether postings about other people in blogs or on social networking sites would have to be deleted after some period of time.

In the United States, John Boucher was defeated in the November 2010 midterm, so his controversial bill may be less likely to go forward, some say. In the US, privacy advocates want an option “do not track” that would work like “do not call”.

The link is here.

The European Union Commission statement is here.

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