Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gel offers hope of drastically reducing HIV infection in women in Africa

A major advance against the spread of HIV and AIDS is Africa, thought to be largely through heterosexual contact, will be announced at the 18th Annual AIDS Conference in Vienna (site ), and concerns a study of a gel conducted in South Africa by the "CAPRISA" trial (900 subjects), which was found to be very effective in reducing the spread of HIV to women.

16 million of the 33 million people infected with HIV worldwide are women. And 60% of people with HIV in Africa are women.

The Washington Post story by David Brown is “Gel found to reduce AIDS risk in women; “this is really a game changer”; Chance of HIV infection cut by 39% or more”, link here.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation has a summary report on the conference here with details about a gradual decrease in AIDS related deaths, even as cases rise.

CNN video of CAPRISA report:

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