Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bizarre videos of UFO's over China surface

Bing today offered a bizarre video of a UFO over Hangzhou, China airport, where it explodes and sends out a plume as it moves. Maybe this could be a comet, but it is certainly a bizarre sight, if valid. The link (for July 9, 2010) is here. The source is "Stupid Videos""

Bing also offers a video of a UFO over Norway with a strange spiral effect. It was determined that this did not amount to northern lights. This is the link.

There are plenty of YouTube videos of UFO’s over China, like this one:

It’s hard to say if some of these are clever fabrications. They don’t quite fit the “Official UFO” mold. The government in China doesn’t seem to object to these the way it objects to “political” Internet speech.

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