Monday, June 21, 2010

Faisal Shahzad uses guilty plea in federal court as a bully pulpit

The Associated Press is reporting, on MSNBC and other places, that Faisal Shahzad plead “guilty” to the Times Square plot on May 1 in front of U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum (who had sentenced Martha Stewart), and warned Americans that other attacks would follow if the US did not leave Muslim lands. He described in great detail how he became radicalized and traveled among the Taliban to gain training.  He also described his ordnance in great detail.  He offered “existential” arguments as to why American civilians and even civilians were targeted, mentioning the idea that CIA drones can kill civilians. The link to the story on MSNBC is here.

Wolf Blitzer's Situation Room on CNN has a recent video about Shahzad  and the guilty plea here.

Six of the ten counts carry a maximum life in prison sentence.

ABC has a more detailed story by Aaron Katersky, here. He wanted to plead guilty 100 times over.  There was no plea deal; this was his last stand.

Shazhad's "reward" for cooperating doesn't seem to be a reduction in sentence (he'll probably wind up at SuperMax in Colorado for life), but once chance to utter a verbal Manifesto in court. For a few moments he pretends he is "on high" and then a lifetime of solitary.

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