Thursday, May 27, 2010

Intelligences analysts are more concerned about Internet "recruitment", lone wolf operations, less about big cells (CNN, TWT)

The Washington Times has a cover story on Thursday May 27, on how the Internet is being used as a “tool” by radical Islam to “recruit” within the United States. The government reportedly monitors the use of English language versions of “jihadist” websites, but must follow the legal principle of “probable cause” in identifying, monitoring and pursuing specific Internet users. The detailed report in the Washington Times is by Eli Lake, with link here.

Of course, the principle of “free entry” for Internet and social media users, with often lax terms of service, may facilitate “recruitment” or might promote the use of steganography, where ordinary websites are hacked to deliver secret orders. This was more a concern right after 9/11 than it seems to be now.

Carol Cratty has a story on CNN about the number of attempted “attacks” within the US homeland on a smaller scale by “amateurs” who had become radicalized, often within the US or West, and traveled to Pakistan or Afghanistan for “training”. The trend is disturbing, and could become a more serious issue for ordinary Americans in less protected settings. The link is here.

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