Saturday, March 13, 2010

China: "The Internet is a pragmatic tool .. to help the US government subvert state power"

Here’s a great quote floating around the web from the Chinese government today, “The Internet is a pragmatic tool that can be used like a gang or an accomplice to help the U.S. government state subvert power.” One source is here on blogger from China here (posting 3-13-2010, "fait accompli".

I couldn’t find this directly myself on the “Peoples Daily”, on the English version, where the quote supposedly appeared. But I did find a blunt warning in the People’s Daily about “the hand that feeds us” (web url) here. A quick look at the paper shows how it wants to manipulate people into conformity.

Remember how Ayn Rand called everything a “Peoples Republic”?

Update: March 15

Media stories report that Google is close to pulling out of China to avoid censorship. A Wall Street Journal (Geoffrey A. Fowler and Loretta Chao) story "Google Exit would open a door for Microsoft" (for Bing) is here (subscription).

Update: March 16

The Washington Times has a story on this, here, suggesting that China searches are of little revenue importance to the company.

Update March 24

Google has routed its searches thought Hong Kong, circumventing censorship of the search itself, but China can still censor the listed pages. Michael Liedtke provides an AP story on Yahoo! ("China thwarts Google's detour around censorship") here.

Here is Google's own chart on mainland China service availability (link).

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