Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Washington Times jumps on administration's concern over "certainty" of another homeland attack attempt

The media is full of reports today that the administration “admits” that it is practically certain that the United States homeland will experience another terror attack or at least an attempt in the next six months. Most of the concern seems to be about rogue disaffected people, some of whom could be Americans, descending into nihilism or a certain kind of sociopathic narcissism, and willing to try some previously unimagined bizarre suicide scheme against a large and public target.

The Washington Times today (Wednesday, Feb. 3) really jumped on this in print, with a headline story by Eli Lake, “Terrorist attack ‘certain’ within months; intelligence leaders warn Senate panel” (link). Inside, on the Commentary page, the Washington Times indulges itself with the headline “We knew an underwear bomber was coming; 9/11 Commission told us how to stop it but we didn’t listen.”

We told you so? I think that the emphasis on amateurism and asymmetry may be a little off the mark. The real problems still are rogue or corrupt states, ranging from North Korea to Iran to Yemen. (Note the bluster from Israel today about Iran.) Rogue governments (Iran, particularly) just might be able to put an EMP device in the hands of “amateurs”. And we have a long way to go in collaring unaccounted for radiological waste and bioterror materials. And, besides some spoiled and disaffected young men, there could exist some real mad scientists out there ready to make the next Frankensteins, and there may be some mullahs who want to ponder soft targets. Go to the movies more often (particularly while we still have electricity). I first thought “Edge of Darkness” has a preposterous premise; now I’m not so sure. And maybe consumers ought to have their own Faraday cages.

Picture: Eisenhower's barn in Gettysburg, PA: very low tech!

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