Monday, February 1, 2010

Russia's demographic collapse threatens future stability

The “new” Washington Times leads off its Monday morning (Feb 1) Commentary Section with “Russia’s Real Threat: Failure: Decline breeds new and perplexing dangers”, Section B in print ($1.00 now and hard to find), link here, by Ilan Berman.

The writer points to Russia’s demographic winter, which Putin had addressed with national conception parties in the fall of 2008 (maybe he wants summer babies). Russia’s population could drop below 100 million by 2050. It could face political instability because its Muslim minority is fecund, and challenges from the more populous China (loosening its one child per family policy, maybe) on the East.

I recall that when I was in the Army (1968-1970), the Soviet Union was considered a much bigger existential threat than Red China, even with respect to the Vietnam war.

Picture: former Secret Service headquarters at Eisenhower farm in Gettysburg, PA

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