Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cheney issues stern warning about Al Qaeda's intentions on ABC "This Week"

Today, Sunday Feb. 14, ABC’s “This Week” interviewed former Vice President Dick Cheney, who made an alarmist warning, that Al Qaeda intends to hit the United States homeland with a nuclear or radiological weapon (perhaps EMP), or a biological weapon (like smallpox), if possible. Cheney criticized current Vice President Biden for asserting that another large 9/11-style attack was unlikely, and that most threats were small actors like that of the Christmas Day attack.

The best story on ABC may come from the AP writer Steven Hurst, (web URL) link here.

There is also a story by Devin Dwyer “EXCLUSIVE: Dick Cheney Critical of Biden, Obama National Security Policies: Former Vice President Says Bush-Era Policies Deserve Credit for Successes” link.

Cheney was asked about repealing “don’t ask don’t tell”, and he said that it should be repealed if military leaders stand by their contention that open gays don’t destroy unit cohesion. He admitted that there has occurred a generational change.

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