Friday, January 29, 2010

Washington Post columnist stings the issue of miranda rights for terror suspects

Charles Krauthhamer has a stinging op-ed in The Washington Post today (Jan. 29), here, “The handling of the Christmas Day bombing suspect: the scandal grows”. The Post lead in was “Miranda rights for terrorists”?

Krauthamer gives a long litany of intelligence failures that have occurred or that could occur if these sorts of suspects are not treated as enemy combatants. Remember how the Bush administration pulled Joseph Padilla off the streets and held him in a Navy brig in South Carolina?

Krauthamer also wrote dire warnings after 9/11 that asymmetric terror attacks with nuclear materials could “destroy civilization.”

Nevertheless, his piece makes of interesting reading, especially the “High Value Detainee Interrogation Group” which does not even exist yet. Maybe we’ll need to hire Jake Gyllenhaal-types who like pie charts.

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