Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TSA's "Screen Gems"; Obama speaks about emergency homeland security review today

Anne Applebaum has a pointed piece on p A15 of the Tuesday Jan. 5, “Screen Gems” What are we getting for all the security funding?” link here.

The title of the story refers, perhaps accidentally, for Sony Pictures “Screen Gems” trademark mostly for domestic genre thriller movies.

What she recommends is that Homeland Security spend a lot more on “connecting the dots” than on screening hardware and controversial body scans (which are rather like Clark Kent’s x-ray vision in Smallville to scope people).

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Here is the CNN story of Obama's emergency meeting with his homeland security aides today, link.

MSNBC carries the AP story of Obama's speech late Tuesday afternoon, "Obama: Airline attack was preventable: President says intelligence officials 'failed to connect the dots'", link here. Maybe amateurs can help connect these dots!

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