Tuesday, January 12, 2010

China faces a dearth of husbands soon

China’s past policy of allowing only one child per family could mean that 24 million men of marrying age will not be able to find wives, by 2020. That’s according to an article in Sphere, offered to AOL subscribers this morning (Jan. 12) “Dearth of women to leave 24M Chinese men unwed”

The tendency to abort more female unborn is a major factor, and that obviously stems in part from the one child per family policy.

Some conservative social critics, like George Gilder (who wrote “Men and Marriage” in 1986) say that the inability of men to find wives leads to political instability. This is particularly true in some polygamous societies in some parts of the Arab world, also.

The story is here.

This story sounds like it belongs in The Washington Times!

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