Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Event held for children in Afghanistan

I received an email from the Niche Focus Group (link) regarding a relief effort for children in Afghanistan sponsored by Fumar Events and Fumar Cigars.

The email mentioned my LGBT blog, but it is more appropriate to create an entry here on the International blog and post the email as a comment. Their web site for East Coast Operations appears to to have this URL.

David Haddad of Fumar Events and Fumar Cigars discusses his recent recent 9/11 charitable event, “I am awed and humbled by the generosity of Americans. They donated over $18,000 worth of blankets and clothing for kids, as well as cigars for soldiers in the field. We’ll be shipping them overseas in November. ”

The rest of this event is discussed in a comment.

The overseas charity most familiar to me is Save the Children. Donors received communications from sponsored children.

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Bill Boushka said...

Troy Bohlke of Niche Focus Group writes:

Throughout history, Americans have been known for their generous spirit and providing assistance to others around the world. Even in the midst of a dismal economic crisis, they may not have as much to give, yet they continue to give, nonetheless. With one humanitarian effort to the Middle East already this year, David Haddad of Fumar Events and Fumar Cigars shares the results of his recent 9/11 charitable event, “I am awed and humbled by the generosity of Americans. They donated over $18,000 worth of blankets and clothing for kids, as well as cigars for soldiers in the field. We’ll be shipping them overseas in November. ”

As war in the Middle East rages on, it leaves poverty, disease and illiteracy in its wake. With 22% of students not attending school, 70% of the population lacking an adequate water supply, and only a fraction of the children inoculated against disease, the future of Iraq and Afghanistan seems disparaging at the very least. Yet, despite staggering statistics, hope remains. “We do want to help those who are in need,” says Navy Chaplain Capt. James Fisher, stationed in Afghanistan. “In a large sense, this represents the heart of America to the people here. When you see this country brutalized by war, and the Taliban, who are thugs and thieves who kill people, you don’t see much spirituality. You don’t see much compassion. These soldiers; Marines, airmen and sailors are just good-hearted military people. They want to make a difference.”

As well as bringing comfort to war-ravaged citizens, Americans are sending “a little piece of home” to the service men and women fighting on the frontlines. Care packages of snacks, supplies and cigars show appreciation for the threatening situations these men and women face. After an earlier shipment of Haddad’s cigars, U.S. Marine Cpl. Benjamin Czap shares, "We pulled out of Fallujah after nearly a month of fighting with no showers and very little sleep. We lost 17 of my friends who were killed. We were all pretty well shell-shocked. That was the first cigar I had. It was almost a moving experience. It took me away from everything. It made me feel like I was home. I don't know why. It just did."

Tobacco wholesalers and retailers now have a tremendous opportunity to donate cigars for Haddad’s November trip. The government is increasing funding for state children’s programs by seven times the current amount. By imposing a floor tax on the tobacco industry, it is creating a tax burden on all current tobacco-related stock. The new SCHIP law, effective April 1, 2009, leaves retailers with three viable options: 1) take the supply of tobacco products they want to unload to their State Department for destruction; 2) pay the additional taxes by September 23; or 3) donate the goods to soldiers abroad. “I’ve already received a donation of 150,000 cigars from a wholesaler, HBI International, since our 9/11 event,” says Haddad, “and we have plenty of room for more.” Haddad already has the infrastructure in place to assist others with their donations, as well. In some cases, states may even refund the state taxes already paid. Haddad will be delivering the cigars along with donations of blankets, clothing and school supplies to recipients in Afghanistan. Anyone interested can contact Haddad at

Whether it’s meeting the needs of the children in the Middle East, or providing cigars and supplies for the troops, Americans are doing what they always do best: giving their time and attention, even in their own time of need. “I am very excited about this particular trip. In addition to delivering supplies and cigars, we are going to build a school for the kids,” states Haddad. “Tending to Afghanistan’s children by giving them an education will only benefit the world.”