Friday, October 23, 2009

Musicians seek to know if their work was used to torture prisoners at Gitmo

The National Campaign to Close Guantanamo has criticized the use of musicians’ songs to torture Muslim prisoners. The news story is by Audrey Hudson on o A5 in the Friday Oct. 23, 2009 Washington Times. The link for the news story is here.

The National Security Archive at the George Washington University files a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to discover the way the music is chosen. Music used in the past includes AC/DC, the Barney theme song, Marilyn Manson to Neil Diamond, Tupac Shakur to Sesame Street, Limp Bizkit to Christina Aguilera. GWU has an account of the story here.

Bernie Becker has a similar blog story in the New York Times here.

In 1978, an Italian prisoner (of Baader-Meinholf, as I recall) was tortured by having loud classical music blasted into his ears, causing deafness.

There is a site with an open letter to “Close Gitmo New”, by that name.

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