Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Obama addresses global warming, middle East at UN; Washington Post analyzes health care in France

On Tuesday, President Obama gave an address on global warming at the United Nations, the text of which is here.

One of the most important points in the speech was this sentence:

“We must also energize our efforts to put other developing nations -- especially the poorest and most vulnerable -- on a path to sustained growth. These nations do not have the same resources to combat climate change as countries like the United States or China do, but they have the most immediate stake in a solution.”

But The Washington Times, in a story by Jon Ward and Christina Bellantoni, put on a different spin Wednesday with the story "Chinese plan upstages Obama at U.N.Rate this story: U.S. warns world leaders of 'irreversible catastrophe'", link here.

At the same time, the administration is maintaining that Israel and the Palestinians must start making more progress on a two-state solution without insisting on resolving the psychologically and morally divisive issue of the West Bank settlements.

All of this is going on the same day that the Homeland Security department issued warnings related to the recent arrests in Denver and New York, as discussed on the TV blog.

Today (Sept. 23), Edward Cody of the Washington Post Foreign Service wrote an article in which he explains that the health care system in France has larger private components than most people think. The piece is titled “For French, U.S. Health Debate Hard To Imagine: But National Insurance Faces New Challenges” link here. I recall a conversation at a train station in Toulouse, France in May 2001 where a family told me that the French health care system “worked for them.”

Attribution link for Wikimedia Commons picture of UN General Assembly hall.

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