Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ethiopia should be watched for Al Qaeda, according to the "man on the street"

Last night, someone drew me into a very bizarre conversation about international politics, specifically the situation in Ethiopia, which the speaker said is a new focus for Al Qaeda. I hadn’t heard this from the media. The CIA fact book on the country is here. The country is 60% Christian (unlike its neighbors) and 33% Muslim, but the speaker said that the country, hit by famines, attracts Muslim men because of the possibility of taking on multiple wives. (To the extent that this happens in Islamist society, it leaves many young men without brides, a fact noted by conservative columnists in papers like The Washington Times after 9/11).

I asked if Ethiopia could hide Osama bin Laden or other terrorists who might secretly escape Pakistan through the port in Karachi, and he said, no, but the Sudan definitely could and probably does.

It’s interesting how much “intelligence” filters out onto the streets, for “ordinary people” to pick up. Sorry, I don’t have Jason Bourne’s looks or body.

Attribution link for CIA map (p.d.) of Ethiopia on Wikipedia.

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