Sunday, August 2, 2009

US Cyberwarfare limited by collateral damage concerns; concerns about "payback"?

The New York Times has an engaging front page article Aug. 2 about US policy on cyberwarfare and civilian infrastructure harm. The story goes back to 2003 when an official hack of the Iraqi financial system was considered, but it was feared that it would spread to Europe, other Middle Eastern countries, and even the US. But subsequent attacks with some collateral damage in Syria and other countries were considered acceptable.

The story by John Markoff and Thom Shanker is “U.S. weighs risks of civilian harm in cyberwarfare; a thorny policy issue; prospect of unintended havoc limits attacks on computers.” The link is here.

Of course, the US would be “setting an example” that conceivably could be imitated by overseas hackers with connections. What they said on "Days of our Lives" is "Payback's a b___".

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