Wednesday, August 26, 2009

CIA declassifies report on rendition; intelligence collected may be of marginal value

The CIA’s declassified report on the use of “rendition” on terror subjects including KSM is here. I had to use Mozilla: Internet Explorer 8 in Vista kept hanging on the sort by date, so there may be a minor programming problem on the site. Note the link for a PDF of the CIA Inspector General Report on Conterterrorism, Detention and Interrogation Activities from 2001-2003.

The media has reported that, while interrogation got terror subjects to revel what sound like horrific plans that could involve ordinary civilians in residences and offices in urban areas, many were probably “fantasies” and not at all close to being carried out—hence the moral justification for “rendition” is less. Peter Bergen discussed the report on CNN Tuesday night.

Former VP Cheney has insisted that the information collected did protect Americans, but others dispute his claims.

Picture: NYC from Amtrak train in New Jersey Meadowlands, November 2004.

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