Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Bill Clinton apparently has negotiated release of journalists from North Korea

Many media sources report that North Korea will free two journalists recently sentenced to hard labor after wandering into the country from China. The release was brokered by former president Bill Clinton, whose wife was a candidate for the Democratic Party nomination in 2008 and is now Secretary of State. It is believed that president Obama arranged the meeting between Bill Clinton and Kim Jong Il.

The communique said that Clinton and "his party" were leaving, implying release. Apparently Clinton made some progress in getting North Korea to back down on nuclear weapons, based on his negotiations during his own term in the 1990s.

The North Koreans "win" by getting Bill Clinton to show up. Weird! Of course, Obama had promised during the campaign to "reach out to North Korea."


On Wednesday, media sources indicated that Bill Clinton was contacted through Al Gore, and that "officially" president Obama had nothing to do with it.

The journalists gave a press conference Wednesday morning. They indicated that when they were led to a meeting they saw Bill Clinton, and knew that their ordeal was over. Al Gore spoke at the press conference.

Al Gore's remarks:

Attribution link for Wikimedia topographic map of North Korea

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