Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wanted: TOR relay volunteers to help protesters in Iran maintain anonymity

Electronic Frontier Foundation has a challenge for web freedom fighters, by Richard Esguerra: “Help Protestors in Iran: Run a Tor Bridge or a Tor Relay,” link here. TOR (called “an onion router”) is open-source software that helps users remain anonymous.

There are two parts to this operation. One contains how the user who wants to use it should behave and reconfigure his computer. There is a link for that, a “Tor Warning” on the Tor Project website, here.

There is another page at that site that explains what is needed from volunteers who would consider running a Tor relay, here. Anyone could do this, but it would require effort and be permissible according to the person’s ISP. People who run their own Internet connections from home (I have had friends who do this since the early 1990s; one ran one on a 386 machine!) and have all the technical savvy would probably be in a better position to volunteer.

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