Monday, July 27, 2009

Pakistan Taliban #2 man may be world enemy #1

Ron Moreau has an alarmist story in Newsweek, “America’s New Nightmare: If you thought the longtime head of the Taliban was bad, you should meet his no. 2.”

The article is about Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, whom Moreau says “you’ve never heard of.” The web link is here.

The original head Mullah Mohammed Omar hasn’t been seen for three years, whereas Baradar is advocating the most guerilla-like activity, almost as if the Afghanistan-Pakistan conflict were an indigenous “civil war” as Vietnam is purported to have become.

I’ve met a few people who were born in Pakistan or other countries in radical environment, been lucky enough to be raised in Europe or Canada, and do well in school and work in the US. In a couple of cases young men were raised as Catholic; in another a young man emigrated to the US and says he became non-denominational, with ancestors in all three traditions but with an Islamic name. There are cases where the reason to emigrate was oppression of gays.

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