Monday, June 1, 2009

North Korean could become the biggest existential threat, could develop EMP capabilities (Politics Daily)

North Korea's "Nu-det" and EMP threat:

Politics Daily has a disturbing story that accentuates how dangerous North Korea is getting. The article is “Rogue State Nuke: The Ultimate IED” ("Improvised Explosive Device"), link here. The story was broadcast on AOL this morning.

The article discusses the idea that North Korea could itself detonate, or give away to terrorists or other unstable states (especially Iran) small nuclear devices that could do enormous damage. The article pays particular heed to the idea that a small device detonated a few miles into the atmosphere (as from a scud) could fry military electronics over a wide area in a region, such as the Persian Gulf or Pakistan (or any western country, including the US, for that matter). This is the electronmagnetic pulse (EMP) device discussed in earlier postings and actually discussed in Popular Science in 2001 a week before 9/11 (particularly based on previous op-eds in The Washington Times, by William R. Graham and others).

The article also takes the viewpoint that leaders of outlaw governments like North Korea and Iran have the incentive to “collaborate” and pull something like this off. Or they could pass the weapons on to decentralized terrorists, Al Qaeda or some other body.

During the Clinton years, North Korea was thought of as the main existential threat to world order, with radical Islam right behind. It has not quite turned out that way yet, but it may go in that direction soon.

Journalists imprisoned in North Korea

The Los Angeles Times has a June 1 story "U.S. journalists jailed in North Korea are expected to get prison terms", by John M. Glionna, link here. Media reports indicate that the current nuclear politics could cause the women to get longer prison terms.

The journalists are Laura Ling and Euna Lee, and they stand trial Thursday June 4 in Pyongyang, in the top Central Court, and according to make spokespeople they could get fifteen years at hard labor.

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