Saturday, June 20, 2009

Iran protests increase; CNN shows many tweets as they come over; Internet blockade ineffective; Major press must use amateur sources

CNN, particularly reporter Josh Levs, is reporting continuing unrest in Iran, and has been showing Tweets quickly, after blocking the name of the sender. This has been going on all day Saturday, June 20.

The Breaking News story from Iran is “At least 19 dead in Iran unrest, hospital sources say”, link here.

The best embeddable amateur video right now on CNN is from choppers over the crowds.

Keep checking, as the media sources will add new videos as they appear, as they will also appear on YouTube.

The government is making laughable attempts to shut down Internet components, in an effort that is so obviously gamed at staying in power.

The ayatollah claimed that all those who urged illegal acts on the Internet would be prosecuted as if they were directly guilty for those acts. Some speakers were saying they were willing to die as martyrs.

Earlier today, women in Iran told NBC that the 1979 revolution, after the fall of the Shah, was supposed to lead to a secular republic. Instead, it led to the hostage crisis which undermined the Carter presidency.

One of the opposition candidates was the first ever in Iran to campaign with his wife, and brought out many women to the polls. Women make up 65% of university students in Iran, according to Christiane Amanpour.

CNN has pointed out that the Iran "crisis" is actually promoting the value of social networking sites, twitter, and amateur blogs, because the journalistic establishment has not been allowed to film, and the authorities simply can't stop all the amateurs who, as the day progresses, have been capturing police activity of increasing savagery, with live killings and corpses.

Amanpour reports that it is frustrating for regular journalists to rely on "amateurs" because they can't do the fact checking the way it is usually expected, but need to report it anyway.

Iran has been revoking press visas. Police are going door to door and yanking people from their homes. CNN reports home invasions by police. The video is not there yet, but here is a similar amateur video of police brutality.

Mousavi's Facebook page is this.

Albawaba reports that Mousavi's Facebook page says that he is ready to die, link here.

Late Saturday CNN's Don Lemmon interviewed Iranian filmmaker Kourous Esmaeli who is in New York City.

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