Thursday, May 28, 2009

North Korea nuke test could become a grave crisis

There are a lot of stories today about North Korea’s latest nuclear gambit, with the possibility that information could develop that North Korea has supplied materials to terrorists, which could require a quarantine.

Voice of America has a story by Kate Woodsome, dated May 29, “Analysts assess options on how to respond to North Korea’s nuclear threat,” link here.

The Washington Times posted an editorial that “North Korea tests Obama: Kim Jong-Il spots the president’s soft side” May 27, the link URL here. Is this the big test that Joe Biden had promised "the next president" during the primaries?

In 2002, George Tenet had testified that North Korea could lob a nuclear weapon to the Pacific Northwest (or perhaps an EMP device at high altitude). And in the mid “Clinton” 1990s, North Korea was considered the largest threat that could result in large scale US military action, following the fiascos with Somalia and the slow success in the Balkans. I thought that when writing the material on gays in the military in my first book. We simply missed the boat on Al Qaeda.

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