Wednesday, May 13, 2009

German town goes for bikes only (almost); Britain offers garden plot rights

European countries are rapidly making “green lifestyles” more appealing. The New York Times, in a story by Elisabeth Rosenthal, May 11, 2009, reports “Germany Imagines Suburbs Without Cars”, in a story here.

The story concerns Vauban, Germany, a town near the French and Swiss borders with a large car-less area. Mother Nature has a “bike to work” article on the town here.

Of course, biking to work is much safer if you have bike lanes not attached to roadways. But the big deal in Europe is that there’s public transportation, by train, everywhere. I’ve been there four times, and if I lived in any European city I wouldn’t need to own a car tp remain footloose and independent.

And then Bonnie Azab Powell has a story in the Food Section, p D3, of The Washington Post May 13, 2009, “In Britain, a Rite and a Right: Garden 'Allotments' Go to All Who Ask, Eventually” link here. This is about commons vegetable plots. There is a plot like this in South Arlington (VA) along Four Mile Run that Eagle Scouts have planted before. Remember, the last number of Leonard Bernstein's opera (and Voltaire's satire) "Candide" is "Make Our Garden Grow". And earlier, there is "Money" (times three).

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