Thursday, April 30, 2009

Antarctic Wilkins Ice Shelf breaking up, while Obama administration presses for action on ozone

David Rising of the AP has a story, reported on AOL, that a huge, and unprecedented in size, ice body, the Wilkins Ice Shelf, is breaking away from “western” Antarctica, which AOL billed as a “dire prediction” from scientists in its news panels for subscribers this morning, link here.

At the same time, John Helprin, of the AP, reports that the Obama Administration wants the United States to take the lead in getting the 195 nations that had ratified the ozone treaty to agree now to mandatory reductions in hydrofluorocarbons. The story is here.

The original United Nations Environmental Programme press release for the ozone problem is called the “Montreal Protocol” and the September 2007 press release for it is here. The paper considers the agreement on reducing fluorocarbon emission much more successful and aggressive than the Kyoto Protocol for greenhouse gasses.

(Note: the direct link name to this post is misspelled because an initial typo on the word "Antarctic".)

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