Thursday, April 16, 2009

Afghanistan and Pakistan revert on treatment of women; China's "one child" policy leads to new crime wave

The New York Times has an important editorial, “Women, Extremism, and Two Key States,” April 14 2009, link here.

It seems like, in Afghanistan, supposed moderate Hamid Karzai signed into law a provision that allows husbands complete control of wives, sanctioning “marital rape” as the Times called it.

In Pakistan, “new” president Asif Ali Zardari signed into law what is essentially the same thing for a region outside the “tribal area”, the Swat, as part of a “peace deal” because he cannot control much of the country. Just calling it “Sharia Law” doesn’t tell the story.

And President Obama has to be concerned with practicality, keeping some control of the region, and keeping nukes out of the hands of the Taliban or other extremists.

Not only this, as the Times also recently pointed out, the Taliban is not shy about playing the “class warfare” card.

The “social reality” is that in other cultures, particularly ancient tribal cultures, men find having complete “control” part of the “fulfillment” of marriage. Radical Islamists, with surprising “rationality”, ask, where are “mothers” better off: where they have freedom, or where men must provide for them? We are left with a cultural and personal value decision, which amounts to (especially for women) “give me liberty or give me death.”

Then, in China, we see a new kind of crime wave. Boys are kidnapped and sold to families willing to pay $2000 or so to have a male heir for the family name, in a country still with a “one child per family” policy. And, oh yes, the Chinese government is finally going after the “customers”, to squelch “demand”. Sound familiar?

The NBC Nightly News video (from Brian Williams) is called “Buying Boys in China”.

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