Friday, March 6, 2009

Israel creates controvery by demolishing Palestinian homes in East Jerusalem: what about "property rights"?

Palestinians living in East Jerusalem are facing demolition of their homes because of a catch-22, where Israel will not allow them residency or building permits. And now, according to a story March 6 in the Washington Post by Mohammed Assadi, at least one Palestinian, Sharif Attoun, ordered the "pre-emptive" demolition of his own home. The online story at the Washington Post is here.

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas wants to make East Jerusalem of a future independent state, and it seems that Israel’s expansion is based on taking of property by force, much as is the case with many areas of the West Bank.

Libertarians, particularly, have criticized Israel’s behavior, over several decades in different circumstances, taking property from Palestinians by force and displacing them, leading to the cycle of psychological shame that has become such a tragedy.

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