Monday, March 16, 2009

Iraq, without Saddam, is finally almost normal

Tonight (Monday March 16) ABC News reporter Terry McCarthy provided an unbelievably optimistic view of life in Iraq now, which in most areas seems surprisingly pacified. He took an auto day trip south of Baghdad, flew to Basra on a commercial airliner and found a hospital treats foreign patients, and then flew up to the Kurdish north, where there are still some problems. The story is titled “Iraq: Country Headed in New Direction: Reporter Finds Optimism and Community in Iraq After Six Years of War”, link here and it appeared today on ABC World News Tonight, and showed much of the road trip.

Nevertheless, the State Department still issues a vigorous travel warning, link here.

What accounts for the turning point in the pacification of Iraq, after six years of war and the removal of Saddam Hussein? The change in the last year is really remarkable.

Think back to August 1, 1990.

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