Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"Internet Blackout NZ": to protest "guilt upon accusation laws"

Overseas there is an emerging problem with the way “three strikes” laws, or “guilty upon accusation laws” are being implemented, for Internet users accused of copyright infringement (particularly in P2P situations). In some countries, most recently New Zealand, ISP’s must terminate users upon “three accusations.” There seems to be a problem in that these laws have been created by careless copying or provisions from or various workarounds related to the US Digital Millennium Copyright Act. In some countries, copyright defenses are weaker than in the US.

Internet users are engaging in “blackouts”, for example, blacking out Facebook photos.

The details are on a New Zealand site called “Creative Freedom,” link here. The online demonstration is supposed to run Feb. 16 through Feb. 23, 2009.

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bmsharman said...

New Zealand is a ginnepig country for the illuminati to play with and experiariment upon they don't care wheather we like it or not.

We are the first to see the light of day, and we are the first to get some stupid law that they make up forced upon us.

How can they sleep at night when people like us have to be ruled by idiots, puppets for the illuminati and the freemasons.

I can't stand around and be bullied by these pack of crap people, who think they rule everything, there are higher people than them WATCH OUT..