Thursday, November 6, 2008

Russia may deploy missiles near Poland, in response to Bush's plan to defend Europe from rogue missiles

Russian president Dmitri Medvedev told a television audience Wednesday that he will place short-range missiles near the western border if a new President Obama carries out the Bush administration’s plan to install short range missile defenses in Poland.

President Bush has said that the new missile systems are needed to protect Europe from Iran and from rogue actors, not from Russia. Under the table, of some concern could the be possibility of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack with a high altitude detonation.

The Washington Post story (Nov. 6, 2008, on p A01) by Philip P. Pan of the Washington Post Foreign Service , and Michael Abramowitz, is “Russia Gives Obama Brisk Warning: Kremlin Plans Missiles Targeting NATO if U.S. Defense Shield Proceeds”, with link here.

The AP story by Steve Gutterman and Vladimir Isachenkov seems to suggest that Russia will deploy the missiles near Poland anyway.

Russian nationalism and the rise of an authoritarian “state capitalist” government has been seen as a risk for reigniting a kind of Cold War. The possibility could seriously disrupt international markets. Russia’s stock market has been especially hard hit by the world financial crisis which seem to start in the United States with the securitization of bad mortgages and the sale to worldwide investors.

President Obama might be inclined to appoint Republicans or more conservative officials to defense and foreign policy positions, in order to appear stronger in international matters, or to maintain more continuity in actual job experience. He could, for example, decide to keep Condoleezza Rice in his administration.

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