Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nuclear Threat Initiative issues sobering 2008 report

The Nuclear Threat Initiative has released a detailed report “Securing The Bomb 2008” by Matthew Burn. The report is in three parts: an Executive Summary (18 pages0, a Full Report (205 pages), and “Preventing Nuclear Terrorism: An Agenda for the Next President” (205 pages), all PDF files. There is also a formal Press Release.

The basic link for the reports is this.
There is a detailed appraisal of nuclear safety in all parts of the world, especially Russia and Pakistan. There are many charts. There is discussion of a break-in in South Africa.

There is also a “latest developments” section that leads to a detailed table of over twenty major diplomatic or political events regarding nuclear safety.

The reports do not mention EMP risks, a subject recently discussed in conservative newspapers like The Washington Times and discussed in the House (by conservatives) in July, as documented on YouTube.

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