Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Journalists reporting Mexican border drug war face reprisals

William Booth has a story on the front page of today’s (Nov. 25) Washington Post “Violence against journalists grows in Mexico’s drug war,” link here.

This problem has been known in Iraq and Afghanistan. But this story refers to dangers faced by reporters who work the drug wars in Ciudad Jaurez, across the border from El Paso, TX. Newspapers in the area do not identify writers of stories on the drug wars.

A typical story in today’s El Paso Times is this.

I visited El Paso the weekend of my move from New York to Dallas on the first weekend of January 1979. I flew from New York through Dallas to El Paso to explore the area before starting work Monday morning in Dallas. On Saturday, I drove the rent car into Juarez a few miles, probably not a good idea. A coworker took a car trip deep into Mexico and got into trouble that year; not a real good idea. (Remember the Brad Pitt film “The Mexican”).

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