Monday, November 24, 2008

Internet list of British right wing group circumvents UK's libel laws

The New York Times today (Nov. 24) carries a bizarre story about a list of members of a right-wing “British National Party” on a site hosted in the UK. The site is remarkable because of Britain’s strict libel laws, which reverse the American presumption that free expression trumps. The site gives names and home addresses of persons, including 45 Americans, in specific connection with a “controversial” organization. Britain’s libel laws have been the subject of attention recently because of the “libel tourism” issue.

The story, on p B3, is by Noam Cohen and is called “Link by Link: In Britain, Outwitting Strict Laws Against Libel”, link here.

As of today, Wikileaks ("We help you safely get the truth out") has information about the "BNP members" National Party list on its strike page, and says that there are 11,211 members in England and Wales.

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