Saturday, September 27, 2008

Global warming is accelerating even more than we had thought

Carbon dioxide is accumulating in the earth’s atmosphere even more quickly than had been predicted, according to a story Friday Sept. 26 in The Washington Post by Juliet Eilperin, on page A2. It is titled “Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster than Predicted,” link here.

The kinetic momentum in the atmosphere would raise the average temperature by 4.3 degrees F by 2100 even if humans could stop emitting all greenhouse gasses today, according to a report from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. That report, titled “Warming World in Range of Dangerous Consequences,” published Sept. 15, 2008, link here.

The Post story also quotes Robert Moss from the World Wildlife Fund, as saying that we are locked into much more rapid warming than we had thought. The climate change page for that organization is here.

The general tone of these reports is to reiterate what Al Gore said in “An Inconvenient Truth”, that the rate of change (or calculus derivative) in carbon concentrations in recent times, in a historical perspective, is cause for grave concern.

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