Monday, June 23, 2008

The Simultaneous Policy; oil and green politics

Another blogger today informed me about “The Simultaneous Policy” with the byline “Breaking down barriers to solving world problems”, with this website. It translates into several languages. The underlying concept is that if countries impose green-friendly or slow-growth policies or compromise individual property rights, their own nations may become less competitive; therefore more coordinated international efforts are needed.

Does this call for “world government” or loss of national sovereignty? It doesn’t sound like it at first. I recall a process like this called “The Area of Mutual Agreement” promoted by an organization called Understanding that operated west of Phoenix in the 1970s.

Along these lines, the visitor may want to look at a Guardian article by Andrew Rawnsley, “Don’t rely on the boys with the black stuff, Mr. Brown: As the Prime Minister visits Saudi Arabia, the lesson of rising oil prices is that green politics matter more than ever”, link here.

The comment on the previous entry has the reference to the blog “Global Justice: The Big Picture” with a survey.

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