Thursday, June 26, 2008

North Korea "capitulates"

President Bush has announced that he will be able to remove North Korea from the list of states that sponsor terrorism (after 45 days), once it completes the promises it has just made. He could also lift other economic sanctions. These actions include imploding a nuclear reactor cooling tower at Yongbyon very soon. North Korea has already delivered its nuclear disclosure and declaration documents to China is a complicated series of diplomatic (and pseudo-diplomatic) moves arranged by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

This development certainly comports with worldwide efforts to account for nuclear materials and weapons and bring them into safe harbor, as advocated by former Senator Sam Nunn’s group the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

The move may help the appearance of Republican candidate John McCain as being more commensurate with future national security.

The item was Breaking News this morning on major media outlets at the same time the Supreme Court was ruling on DC’s handgun law (my “major issues” blog). The CNN story is “Bush welcomes N. Korea move on nuclear program,” here.

In 2002, former CIA director George Tenet had testified to Congress that North Korea was capable of lobbing a nuclear weapon (trebuchet style) across the Pacific to Alaska or even the Pacific Northwest. "Yes, they can do that," he had said to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

When I was authoring my "libertarian" first book in the mid 1990s, I personally viewed North Korea as a much bigger threat (as I also viewed resurgent communism or nationalism) than radical Islam.

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