Monday, June 16, 2008

High oil and food prices spurring mass protests, especially by truckers, in many countries

Around the planet, workers are organizing protests against higher fuel and food prices, or against pro-US policies of some governments, when workers may see the United States as the “bully” and American consumers as due for a purification.

There have been trucker protests in France and Colombia. In South Korea, masses poured into the streets to protest the resumption of purchases of American beef (which had been stopped with a mad cow disease scare in 2003). Furthermore, construction workers and truckers were striking in South Korea as well. Truckers in Thailand organized a brief strike against a new government that is said to be bracing itself for demands for handouts.

The Reuters story is by Catherine Drees, “Fuel cost protests spread and rattle governments,” link here.

According to an AP story by George Jahn, “Oil prices steady ahead of Saudi meeting,” link here
Crude oil prices Monday remained over $135 a barrel despite an announcement Sunday by Saudi Arabia to boost oil production by 2% in July. Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities may well be targets for Al Qaeda, particularly during periods of severe run-ups on oil prices.

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