Friday, March 28, 2008

Washington Times interviews Condoleezza Rice on international security, race

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave a video interview to The Washington Times on March 27, in which she discussed several important topics. One was the ever present danger of nuclear terrorism, and the importance of the United States maintaining a good relationship with Russia (and with other former Soviet republics) to continue removing nuclear waste. She indicated that stability in Russia is important and that some of the political unrest there (and suppression of dissent, as from chess player Kasparov) was troubling.

She also made an interesting comment, that white people have always been “ahead in line” because those of European descent came over to the New World by choice (often at great risk, as history shows – just remember the first settlement at Jamestown), where as blacks were brought over in shackles on slave ships (as in the book and film “Amistad”). "Black Americans were a founding population," she said. The Washington Times, in its foreign section, titles the story “Rice hits U.S. ‘birth defect’”, link here. The link offers a seven-minute video from the interview. Some of her remarks may have been prompted by Barack Obama's "pastor" controversy.

Of course, social conservatives have sometimes made troubling arguments about relative birth rates recently.

It has always interested me that Dr. Rice is quite a pianist, and almost had a career as a concert pianist and musician instead. I have written about other young musicians on my other blogs.

Picture: It looks like it came from Stephen King's "Langoliers." Near the Nissan Pavillion in northern Va.

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