Sunday, March 16, 2008

Protests in Tibet spread to other provinces in China

Unrest in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is spreading to other Chinese provinces as the government cracks down against religious dissent. The Dalai Lama spoke in exile this morning, and there is a big story on ABC, by Tini Tran, "Tibet Protests Spread to Other Provinces As Dalai Lama Warns of 'Cultural Genocide," featured link at ABC this morning, here.

New reports show Lhasa deserted, must a surprisingly modern city, one of the world's highest, at 15000 feet (La Paz, Bolivia, reaches about 13000 feet).

I had reviewed the movie "10 Questions for the Dalia Lama," which gave the history of his exile, back in June 2007, here. I "met" the Dalai Lama in the boarding line at Schiphol in Amsterdam in May 2001 as I waited to fly back to Minneapolis on KLM/Northwest.

The whole incident should be a major embarrassment for China, as it prepares for the Beijing Olympics.

When I grew up in the 50s, I had thought of Tibet as an autonomous, almost independent country. No more, it seems.

Picture: Panda at the DC Zoo (look closely in middle of picture, enlarge first).

March 18, 2007

There is an AP story "Dalai Lama to Resign if Violence Worsens" by Gavin Rabinowitz, link here.

March 19:

There is a CNN story " Tibetans continue to defy China crackdown," link here, with about 90 seconds of live video of Chinese troops and violence; it appears that people are burning at one point.

Chinese troops are reported going "door to door" to hunt for dissidents.

March 20.

The latest, from Gavin Rabinowitz, from AP and ABCnews, is "Dalai Lama Willing to Meet China's President, Says He's Not Seeking Independence," link here.

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