Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Post has major op-ed on domestic nuclear threat

Jay Davis has a sobering column on p A15 of the March 25 2008 Washington Post, “After a Nuclear 9/11,” link here.

The op-ed faces the possibility, as outlined in Graham Allsion’s 2004 book, that terrorists really could assemble and detonate a nuclear weapon within the United States. He goes on to discuss the importance of improve the science of detecting the source of radioactive hazards, to the point that they can be traced very quickly.

He points out leaks that have occurred at the borders of India, Slovakia, and even in a “private garden” in Germany. David Armstrong and Joseph Trento had discussed (in a book – see Feb. 5 on this blog) serious policy leaks within previous and current US administrations allowing Pakistan to continue developing nuclear weapons, which can easily fall into the wrong hands.

Furthermore Sam Nunn has helped found the Nuclear Threat Initiative ("Nuclear Security Project") to accelerate the police call on nuclear materials in other countries, especially the remnants of the former Soviet Union. And that group has produced a film “Last Best Chance” and offers a DVD.

See this blog March 30 for discussion of a similar article by Graham Allison.

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