Friday, March 14, 2008

College students can lose in-state status because of illegal immigrant status of their parents

The illegal immigration debate is affecting college students themselves naturally born in the United States (potentially eligible to become president) but to parents present here illegally. Virginia can deny in-state assistance to students up to age 24 (when they are considered educationally dependent on their parents) when the students cannot show their parents are in the country and state legally. Virginia will waive the requirement for students over 18 when the students have shown they have become independent of their parents.

The story in the March 14 2008 Washington Post by Susan Kinzie is “The University of Uncertainty: Va. Children of Illegal Immigrants Lack In-State Status,” link here. This is part of the Post’s “Immigration Debate: Full coverage.”

Should college students be penalized for the "illegal behavior" of their parents? It's family responsibility in reverse.

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