Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Meeting in Oslo today to discuss reducing nuclear risks

Former Senator Sam Nunn (D-GA) has an interview online "A World Free of Nuclear Weapons: An Interview With Nuclear Threat Initiative Co-Chairman Sam Nunn; by Daryl G. Kimball and Miles A. Pomper," at the Arms Control Today site, link here. The interview, while reiterating the need to secure loose nuclear materials in Russia and the former portions of the Soviet Union, also talks about lengthening warning times and removing quick launch weapons, given the possibility of an "accident" with Russia or perhaps China or other powers at some time in the future, as well as nagging concerns about future stability of these former enemies from the Cold War.

The Nuclear Security Project has a writeup on the October 2007 "Reykjavik Revisited" conference, here.

Today, Feb. 26, there is a meeting with representatives from 29 countries in Oslo, Norway to discuss reducing dangers from nuclear weapons and radiological materials.

I received a complimentary copy of the film "The Last Best Chance" from the NSP/NTI about two years ago, which I have discussed on this blog in Nov. 2007.

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