Friday, February 8, 2008

Human Rights First presses for reform in Intelligence Authorization Act (presented at film screening)

A representative of Human Rights First was present tonight (Feb. 8) at Landmark E Street Cinema (showing of "Taxi to the Dark Side") (review) with information urging voters to support the United States Senate in passing Section 327 of the Intelligence Authorization Act, HR 2082, as soon as Feb. 13. The organization did have a handout (shown). (Note: if you enter the URL without the 's' on "rights" you get an insurance sales site.)

The blog entry that discusses this provision is here
on that site. Dec 13, 2007. The blog on waterboarding is here.

Other stories on the site include "U.S. Efforts to Resettle Iraqi Refugees Still Lag," "Military Commissions Resume at Guantanamo," "HRF Urges U.S. to Work for Improved U.N. Review Conference on Racism," and "Your Voice Can Make a Difference in Kenya."

The Govtrack references (for the 110th Congress) are H.R. 2082 "Intelligence Authorization Act", here, introduced by Rep. Silvestre Reyes [D-TX] and S 1538 "Intelligence Authorization Act," here, introduced by Sen. John Rockefeller [D-WV].

I am unable to locate a section 327 in the text of either bill and would appreciate a comment from a visitor who knows exactly where the wording of the Section 327 is.

An episode of CWTV's "Smallville" on Feb 14 2008 suggests that "rendition" could be accomplished with telepathy from machines wired to read the brain waves of an unconscious person. Maybe.

There was an earlier posting about waterboarding on Dec. 11, 2007 on this blog.

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