Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Omar bin Laden, son of Osama, interviewed on ABC, wants to broker peace.

Omar bin Laden, one of the many sons of Osama bin Laden, wants to play the role of peacemaker, an ABC "Good Morning America" story reported this morning. The report is by Nick Watt, and is titled "Bin Laden's Son Wants to Make Up for Father's 'Mistake':
Omar bin Laden Left Afghanistan After Six Years' Training as al Qaeda Fighter," link here.

Omar is 26 and owns a construction company in Saudi Arabia. He has taken a 52 year old woman as his wife and will move to London, where he worries about "getting a job" given the family's "reputation." Omar says that his father believed that his moral ends justified the means, but Omar does not agree. Omar believes it is possible to arrange some sort of protected "surrender" of OBL. It is dubious that the West would go along with something like this.

Omar seems to share the belief that Osama bin Laden is still tucked away in a tribal area of Pakistan, where the government has no reach, the military having retreated from these areas and the government in disarray after Bhutto's assassination and Musharraf's martial law. Some people feel that OBL could have fled via the Indian Ocean through connections in Karachi.

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