Friday, January 4, 2008

Kenya: unrest over elections not related to religion

At a time when elections and opposition in Pakistan are drawing so much attention, all the sudden the east coastal African country of Kenya is on the map, with violence following the Dec. 27, 2007 elections. As of this writing, the latest headline seems to be “Peacemaker Tutu Slams Kenya Elite.” The CNN link is here:
And a related link about mwai-kibaki is here.

The CIA fact sheet indicates that Kenya is only about 10% Muslim and is sort of a Christian country. I am aware of a male couple that went over there discretely about three years ago to work on the AIDS issue. The election violence shows that turbulence is really not a religious issue so much as a tribal one; it could happen regardless of the creeds of the people. The slums shown on televised reports look even worse than those often shown in Brazil.

The inland country next door, Uganda, with somewhat similar turbulence, was the site of a children’s music contest that generated the recent film “War Dance,” review link here.

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