Saturday, January 5, 2008

China will have government regulate user-generated video content

There have been multiple media reports about the fact that China, around January 31, 2008, will implement new rules regarding user-generated video content. They must not be designed to foment social instability. ISP's or software vendors that facilitate posting them must be state owned or state controlled. It was not immediately clear how this would affect YouTube or facilities like Blogger or Wordpress when used in China.

China, coming from its communist past, has a much more "collectivized" notion about the effect of speech than do western countries.

A typical story appeared in The Washington Post Jan. 4, p D08, by Min Lee and Michael Liedtke, "China Plans to Crack Down on Online Videos: Showings to Be Restricted to Sites Owned or Controlled by the Government," link here.

Several American companies, including Microsoft, have been criticized for cooperating with China's government in implementing censorship within China, in order to be able to continue doing business in China.

Feb. 8, 2008

The Washington Times
has a story Thurs. Feb 7 by Edward Lanfranco, "Chinese hackers crack Net censorship: but politics boring to most," here. One "entrepreneur" was auctioning betting points from computer games. The government fears that the Olympics will attract dissent on the web that international journalists will report this summer.

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