Monday, November 12, 2007

Washington Post has paid China insert

Just as it did some time back with Russia, The Washington Post, on Friday November 9, 2007, included a paid advertising supplement from China ("Reports from China"). The Post itself did not contribute any content. The inclusion is comparable to paid programming on networks.

Some of the issue brags about China's space program ("Fly me to the Moon"), but much of it aims to refute popular impressions that China is recklessly contributing to pollution, global warming, and pandemic concerns. Anderson Cooper has hit China particularly hard in his recent "Planet in Peril" television documentary film on CNN. There are detailed reports about Hunan Province and about Beijing, for the 2008 Olympics.

The space program aims to return man to the Moon by 2015.

Mitch Moxley has an article called "Land of opportunity: Mitch Moxley looks at how foreigners start up businesses in China." One business is Salo Homes, which houses visiting foreigners.

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