Sunday, August 26, 2007

Blogger throws curve at global warming debate; but look at the real evidence

“Quarter-Degree Fix Fuels Climate Fight” Andrew C. Rivkin, in The New York Times online, Sunday Aug. 26, 2007, here (I could not find it in the print version), discusses a blog by retired Canadian scientist Steve McIntyre “Climate Audit” ; also look at this. . The blogger apparently uncovered a slight error by NASA in reporting global average temperature since 2000 (some missing data), very slightly nudging it downward to the point that 1934 might be the warmest year ever. Yet Mr. McIntyre does not doubt that efforts need to be made to limit greenhouse gases. Conservative pundits have jumped on this blogosphere event to claim that global warming is a “manmade” reporting artifact (not a real man-made phenomenon) but that would be hard to justify when we look at melting of glaciers and polar icecaps. It is not immediately clear how this could affect the graphs in Al Gore’s “college lecture” in his film and book “An Inconvenient Truth.”

The New York Times today also has another important story, “As China Roars, Pollution Reaches Deadly Extremes”, by Joseph Kahn and Jim Yardley, which is part of a series “Choking on Growth.” The link is this: There are plenty of multi-media materials in report.

This series should be studied in regard to the dependence of American consumers on products made a low wages in China, with apparently inadequate safety controls (as with the recent toy scandal) and the likely political effect that Chinese growth will make on energy demands and global warming, assuming Al Gore and Leonardo Di Caprio are right (I think they are).

Greece, the whole country, has, according to multiple media reports, been under a state of emergency because of raging brush fires, exacerbated by the hotter dry summer, but some of the fires appear to have been set.

Update: Sept. 13, 2007

Dr. Timothy Ball (National Resources Stewardship Project) and Tom Harris have an ambiguous Commentary on p 21 of the DC Examiner, "New doubts on global warming in revised NASA temperature data," with questioning of the reliance on computer models forecasting global warming. The article discusses NASA GISS director James Hansen's response to McIntyre's post.

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